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Neuromorphic Computing: The Next-Level Artificial Intelligence

As we unearth the benefits, the success of our machine learning and AI quest seem to depend to a great extent on the success of Neuromorphic Computing.

Neuromorphic Computing chips can process multiple facts, learn tasks and patterns at high speed. Neuromorphic Computing chips, a crucial upgrade in traditional systems, are compact, portable, and energy-efficient. Neuromorphic computing involves the production and use of neural networks to function like a human brain, making decisions and also memorizing information and analyzing facts.

The Road Ahead.

Neuromorphic computing can greatly impact the future of machine learning and AI. “These new kind of chips should increase dramatically the use of machine learning, enabling applications to consume less power and at the same time become more responsive.”-Deloitte market analysis.

Neuromorphic Computing is the 5th generation of AI. The 1st generation AI defined rules and followed classical logic to arrive at conclusions within a specific, narrowly outlined problem domain.


Over 13,500 Vivo smartphones found using the same IMEI number

Vivo service center Ashok Nagar, Ashoknagar, madhya pradesh, India ...The Cybercrime cell unit of Meerut Police has filed a case against Vivo India after thousands of smartphones were found with the same IMEI number.

The investigation began after a sub-inspector got his Vivo smartphone replaced at a service centre in Delhi and noticed that the IMEI number of the device is different from what is printed on the box. The cyber cell team of Meerut Police was then put in charge of the investigation.

The Vivo service centre manager in Delhi, on January 16, stated that the IMEI number had not been changed. The cyber cell, then, forwarded the IMEI number to the SIM operator used in the handset and asked for the data. Continue reading


We care about Pregnant Animals more than Pregnant Women

mophotography's tweet - "Delhi Police please release Safoora ...

So I’m sure you’ve all heard of the case regarding the elephant dying in Kerala. Everyone has been quick to come and show their outrage. Why? Because it’s easy. A lot of bad faith actors easily use this opportunity to malign Kerela, a state that has been in the limelight recently. It’s a brutal crime that no one is on the other side of. Who is going to say the elephant deserved it?

Are you telling me, then, that Safoora Zargar deserves it?

She’s a 27-year old student of JMI that is currently languishing in jail since April 13th. At the time of her arrest, she was 13 weeks pregnant. As of right now, she is 21 weeks pregnant. She has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) increasing her chances of a miscarriage. Continue reading


As Covid cases rise, Modi moving on to other things to Protect his Image

PM Modi Again Wears 'Gamcha' Mask for Video-Conference with ...

On the issue of Covid-19, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has delivered a televised ‘address to the nation’ on five occasions.

On 19 March, he ‘addressed the nation’ to announce a day-long ‘Janta Curfew’ as a drill for the upcoming lockdown.

On 24 March, he appeared again on TV to announce Lockdown 1 with four hours’ notice.

On 3 April, he re-appeared to ask people to light lamps and candles for nine minutes.

On 14 April, on the day Lockdown 1 was supposed to end, Modi did another TV address to announce its extension by 19 days in what would be Lockdown Continue reading

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My Meditation Success Story

I have been meditating to binaural beats, pure tones for last two years.I don’t have a specific intent going into it really, other than to free myself of fears and blockages.

I actively want to see my fears and what is holding me back in life, and I’m having some great success in doing this. After a couple of years of practice, what I’m currently doing is just putting the beats on, and observing my triggers etc. Trying to observe everything and let it be. I’ve found that if I fight with them, and go ‘story mode’ regarding them, it’s just an endless loop. When you can actually detach from these triggers and feelings, and just observe them, you actually realize that you’re the guy behind all this shit, and you’re not just some trigger or negative emotion. It’s annoying to realize i’ve lived most of my life as this triggered guy, but that’s also true for 99% of humanity.

Sometimes it takes me 20-30 minutes before I can become the observer, but it’s great, because I often find myself laughing at my triggered-ness from the observer standpoint these days, so I think that’s good progress.

I also feel enlivened after meditating like this. I feel like a new guy each time because I have let go of some that baggage, and am more free to be my true self, which is great fun. Often in life we are just playing a character in order to avoid our fears and triggers from arising. When you have fewer fears and triggers, then you can be a bit more of yourself, and don’t need to burn all your energy playing a character.


Tropical Cyclone Nisarga – Impact & Important Info

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Nisarga will make landfall as ‘severe cyclonic storm’ close to Alibag, 94 kms south of Mumbai on Wednesday afternoon with a wind speed of 100-110 kmh gusting to 120 kmh. IMD says it will affect the coastal districts of Maharashtra, including Mumbai, Gujarat and other neighboring states. Source

Here are some important things to make note:

  • Store lots of water in buckets, pots, pans, whatever, for normal tasks like going to the toilet.
  • Store drinking water for 3 days: 4 litres per person per day in your house.
  • Be mentally prepared that you might not have electricity or cell tower connectivity.
  • Keep your phone charged.
  • Buy a flashlight with extra batteries.
  • Keep 5 box of matches and at least 10 candles handy.
  • If you cook on gas, you’re safe; if you cook on electricity, rent or buy a portable 5kg gas stove.
  • Keep loads of dry foods stocked, including grains, biscuits, dal and rajma etc. Buy some instant noodles and ready-to-eat stuff as well.
  • Your only source of news might be FM Radio if the power and internet goes out, so have a battery-powered FM Radio, or use your phone’s FM Radio to keep track of the local as well as national news.
  • If your home has asbestos / aluminium roofing, it has a high probability of getting damaged in the storm.

Stay Safe Everyone ❤️


Earth is heading towards 6th Mass Extinction

We're in the Middle of Earth's 6th Mass Extinction Event ...

“Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich and colleagues at other institutions report in the new paper that the extinction rate is likely much higher than previously thought and is eroding nature’s ability to provide vital services to people. They state the wildlife trade combined with other human impacts have now wiped out hundreds of species forever, and pushed even greater numbers to the brink of extinction “at an unprecedented rate”. To help understand the rapid ramping-up of the scale of the disaster, the authors said it is estimated that over the course of the entire twentieth century, at least 543 land vertebrate species went extinct.

In the new study, Professor Ehrlich and his coauthors estimate around the same number of species are likely to go extinct in the next two decades alone.”


The great Ape event has started 2020

India is grappling with an incident straight out of a movie after several monkeys escaped from a laboratory with COVID-19-tainted blood samples in hand.

“No evidence has been found that monkeys can contract the infection,” he said.

The monkeys attacked a lab technician before they escaped, the Times of India reports.

One of the monkeys was seen eating a surgical glove, according to NDTV. Twitter users quickly compared the incident to science fiction stories such as Planet of the Apes and 28 Days Later, in which monkey test subjects release a virus that wipes out most of humanity.

“Can’t figure out if we’re living in Contagion, 28 Days Later or Planet of the Apes now,” added user Charles Arthur.

28 Days Later and Planet of the Apes are both trending.


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Google CEO Sundar Pichai defends Pixel team, says “hardware is hard”

Software is easily mutable, and can be rapidly fixed during a development cycle. However, hardware cannot be easily changed. It is more rigid and it takes longer to deploy and test than software. This results in bugs taking longer to discover.

Google is competing with Apple, Samsung, and a lot of other companies who are far more experienced with developing hardware. As smart phones become more complex this gap of experience is going to be wider by each iteration. We’re finally noticing the cracks, and it’ll only get bigger as time goes on.

I think going forward as technology increases rapidly Google is going to become less relevant as they can’t keep up. They’ll resort to gimmicks to keep them relevant, but their smartphone line will collapse in 5 years or so at this rate.