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Google is selling you to the CyberWorld

First we all know the friendly Google, whose motto is “Do no evil!”1 , a big corporation powered by good intentions…

To do this, let me remind you that Google is a company that needs to make money like so many other companies. So a natural question is: Where does the money come from?
Obviously from other companies[2](,3) , by selling personal and targeted advertisement to users. So essentially a company buys exposure to its target audience.
Now this means, that companies are Google’s clients and we, the users are their product.
But how do you categorize your product, which you are selling?
You use all the data gathered by the various Google products[4]( , like:

  • Google Search
  • Google Chrome
  • Gmail
  • Google+
  • Youtube
  • Picassa
  • Google Street View (WiFi)
  • etc.

 … And infer from the data set, what you are, and what your intentions might be. Quote:

“link by link, click by click, search is building possibly the most lasting, ponderous, and significant cultural artifact in the history of humankind: the Database of Intentions.” Source: What Google Knows, pdf

Essentially your whole digital life. Google is categorizing you, defining you, based on your actions on the net.(,1518,587546,00.html

Since this is becoming a rather lengthy post, I would like to conclude that:

  • We are a product.
  • A source of information.
  • Information about who you are.
  • What your desires are.

These are not only interesting to Google – but also the government and/or hackers and plenty of other people. So I cant help but feel a little bit of watched whenever I go on the internet… (puts on tinfoil hat).
1: Source: Wiki, dont be evil
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6: Source: Wiki, data mining
Disclaimer: I love you google!

My Write-Ups

Digital Signal Processing

Yup DSP, the exam that I have tomorrow. It might sound weird for you as for why I’m blogging about my exam. But this is just to vent out what I’ve been going through. Digital Signal Processing consists of mostly mathematical computations at which I’m not so good.

I have had maths phobia since my 8th grade and since then numbers seems to be a major problem for me. Understanding a simple formulae requires me spending at least an hour working out the example problems on it.

This subject is not like you can just read and memorise the formulas like you do in theoretical subjects rather it requires a good understanding. And good understanding comes when you sit and practice them.

So a total of 5 units must be covered in about 24hrs. And I’m just starting.
My Write-Ups

When Internet Comes Crashing..

“Gabe! Our servers are crashing! What the fuck is going on?”

Explosion offscreen, someone screams that the room is on fire.

“What are we going to do, Gabe!”

“… Plug me in.”


“Do it!”

“But, sir–“

“I can handle it! All downloads will go through me for the hour. Plug me in.”

“Yes, sir. Godspeed, sir.”
My Write-Ups

DropBox is not Secure

Nothing on dropbox can be considered secure.

Condoleezza Rice is on the board of directors and her only qualifications are political in nature. The only reason she could possibly be there is for governmental access. Everything on dropbox should be considered leaked, at the very least, to the NSA.