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Candy Crush is Rigged

Candy Crush is Rigged
 Candy Crush Game

Candy Crush is rigged & winning each level is almost entirely based on luck.

The candy pattern to start each level changes, so sometimes you will start with combos and automatically destroy a few obstacles or rack up points. Some of the harder levels you need combos, and combos can depend simply on what candy falls down. If you don’t get a striped combo that explodes down, you won’t get rid of the jelly below or something like that.

The game is monetized by charging for levels and lives and boosters. The game was developed by King Games, a publicly traded company. It has a duty to its shareholders to make a profit.

It stands to reason that the candy arrangements in Candy Crush are not chance at all. There are complex algorithms behind a player’s activity to determine whether a level should be easy or difficult, depending on if they tend to buy boosters or lives and all other sorts of factors.

In short, people are wasting their time “playing” Candy Crush, which is not a game but a visual quiz asking you how you are most likely to spend money.

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