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Students are more Productive during Exams

It’s exam time and the only period when students become creative, productive and greedy.

One of the many factors I’ve observed during this time (among my peers) is ‘Isolation‘. The more isolated you are, the more productive you become which ultimately leads to yielding better grades.

I have isolated myself from friends, now I indulge In less conversations, which helps me in being more productive, manage time and chart out my study hours.

When I say isolation (in my case) it’s just from peer to peer interactions. I can’t possibly imagine a day without Internet. So I make time to indulge in activities such as blog, tweet, poke and stuff to my hearts content.

My Write-Ups

Switching to Old WhatsApp

I am one of many users who don’t like privacy intrusion, especially with what WhatsApp has done recently with 2 Blue ticks feature.

Prior to this update there were just 2 grey ticks which implies that the message has been sent. But now with the inclusion of blue ticks, I feel Like right to my consent (Whether I choose to reply or not) is affected. So therefore I’ve decided to switch back to the Old WhatsApp & so can you.

Download the latest apk on installing this  version disables the blue ticks feature. However this feature is limited to android users those who download the app from website, and will be available to all soon via playstore/app store.

My Write-Ups

People are a Mystery

World is mysterious, people are mysterious in ways I couldn’t have possibly imagined. Everyday I see different variations in people’s behaviour, some days Its good other days not so.

I’ve adapted to this change in people with time. In my freshmen year it was all different to what we are today. Back then there was Lots of hand shaking, lots of smiles. Now it’s just a smile often when approached with a query or to tell something. I guess everyone’s busy except me.

I take time to write my blog, update my Twitter & Facebook and still have lots of time to make meaningful conversations. Is the World going crazy around me or is it just me ?

My Write-Ups

Higher Internet Speeds can Improve the Gaming Industry

I think higher internet speeds can offer game developers to start putting pressure on ISPs to actually improve infrastructure. If there’s a market for it?, they’ll build it — if anyone can put pressure on Comcast or TW, it’s Sony and Microsoft. Given enough bandwidth or electrons or whatever makes the internet work, you open the door to realistic multi-party combat, even with present tech like the kinect, and all sorts of other cool concepts I can’t even spend the time to think of right now.
Remember how “online gaming” used to be playing chess on the university network? And now you can go kill dragons with people from other continents in real time and get paid real cash monies for it? Imagine what comes next!

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Quantum OS based on LINUX

Developing an operating system based upon Linux which conforms to Google’s Material Design guidelines. The focus is on creating a stable and easy-to-use operating system with a heavy emphasis on well-thought-out design.

This project was originally named Quartz OS but has since been renamed to Quantum OS because of conflicts with the OS X graphics technologies.


Currently the team consists of mainly just (Michael Spencer/@iBeliever), though he’s already getting some great design feedback and mockups from Andrea Del Sarto. Anyone who is interested in contributing code, design, feedback, or testing is welcome to contribute, though he plans to remain in control of project management to ensure that we stay focused on our goals.

The code is hosted on GitHub at, with the Material Design QML framework hosted at You can also track our mockups here, though because of the flexibility and power of QML, we often work directly in code versus designing mockups first.

The Desktop Shell

We plan to develop the desktop shell and applications primarily using Qt 5 and QML, which will allow us to build highly polished and dynamic user interfaces and will work well for implementing Material Design. If possible, we will build the desktop shell in as much QML as possible built on top of the QtCompositor API, which provides a Qt framework for building a Wayland compositor.


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What are Routers ?

Routers are the machines that internet companies use to deliver you pictures of cats. Each router has a special book it writes addresses in (this is called a routing table). But there are only so many pages in that book, and the router can only write one address per page. Because 512 is a magical number within computing circles (because it’s the number you get if you start with one and double it nine times), a lot of routers have books with 512k pages in them.

Today, some routers in some parts of the internet needed to write down more than 512k addresses, so they ran out of pages. When it runs out of pages to write addresses in, routers get sad. Sometimes they get very sad and stop working at all, other times they keep working, but because they don’t have addresses for all the internet in their special book, there will be some places in the internet they won’t know how to get to.

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Into the Future Year 2050

I’m so excited to see what science has in store for us. By 2050, I predict:

• Scientists will find a way to get around many microbial resistance problems.

• Massive steps will be taken towards beating cancer on all fronts. Preventative care, treatment and rehabilitation will all benefit from the huge breakthroughs by amazing geneticists, pharmacists, clinicians and chemists.

• Elements 113 through 118 will be confirmed and named.

• We will have become much better at using renewable technology and energy. It’ll be more efficient, effective and sustainable that it currently is.

• Large colliders will either confirm or disprove string theory.

• There will be a manned mission to mars.

• One of the Millennium Problems will be solved.

• Driverless cars will become huge.

• Wearable technology to really take off. Stuff like Google Glass will become more refined, and more integrated.

I’m also really excited to see what the future has in store that I can’t even imagine yet. I’m convinced something will come out of nowhere and will revolutionize the world, like the television or the internet, something that it’s difficult to imagine life without.

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Motorola is doing Progress

Motorola is doing really well right now, it makes one of the best small-medium range smartphones (Moto G), some of the best high-end smartphones (Moto X and Nexus 6), what is probably the best smartwatch out here (Moto 360) and led the way for modular smartphones (before Project Ara was handed to Google when they were sold to Lenovo).

They’re not “a company with plodding, horrible technology” anymore.

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Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration

So I am fairly supportive of the program that Obama proposed in his speech. Specifically, I see three big reasons its good:

* It concretely helps a lot of people, by giving them the ability to lawfully work, and to live without fear, they can better participate in society and have better lives.

* I do not feel a strong moral reason to heavily punish violators of US immigration law, because US immigration law is deeply amoral.  Most people have no lawful route by which they could ever move to the US or any other wealthy country. 

People who have the ambition to move and work hard to improve their lives and their families lives are doing something that is noble and good.  Even though a law is broken in the process, I do not believe they have done something morally wrong by breaking that law, and would not punish them harshly, if at all, for the violation.

* It does appear to be within the bounds of current law. 8 CFR 274a.12(11) allows for work permits for “An alien whose enforced departure from the United States has been deferred in accordance with a directive from the President of the United States to the Secretary. Employment is authorized for the period of time and under the conditions established by the Secretary pursuant to the Presidential directive.

My hesitations are 1: that I would like to see something done through legislature instead, though frankly that seems highly unlikely at this juncture, and 2: that it puts the immigrants who use the program in a precarious position at the discretion of the President who succeeds Obama.