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Book Review: ‘Without Their Permission’ by Alexis Ohanian

English: Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders o...
English: Alexis Ohanian, one of the founders of reddit, as he speaks about his experience getting reddit from a startup to one of the top competitors in User-rated news and networking. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Genre: Non-Fiction/E-commerce
Published: 1 October 2013
Author: Alexis Ohanian
Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of reddit & other sites is well re-owned public speaker & also a partner at Y Combinator. Of all the time I’ve spent on reddit, I’ve never bothered to look up the story of Reddit from “How it started ?” to “How Conde Nast brought it ?”

Most of the story I’ve read about reddit, was from the movie/documentary of Aaron Swartz ‘Internet’s Own Boy’. There’s no doubt that alexis didn’t bring up Aaron’s name in his book, it is said that they’ve had a messy breakup when Conde Nast brought Reddit. 
The author has divided the book into parts 1,2,3 subsequently drawing attention to his early life, graduation life with steve & After Reddit got sold respectively. 
Part-1 : Early Life
He talks about his passion for computers, Openness of the web & video games. Yeah, he played a lot of video games. I’m not sure if he still plays video games, or he even has time for them ? But rest assured it is how he got into the learning about the web.
Part-2: Early stages of Reddit
He’d signed up a demo at Y Combinator start up firm pitching his idea for reddit. They did get an angel investment out of it. He also talks about the two Internet breaking bill of that time, SOPA & PIPA and how they’d contributed to it. I’m wondering why didn’t he mention aaron swartz, cause he actively participated against SOPA & PIPA in those days..
Part 3: Reddit Sold, They still work on Reddit & manage other Startups.
Now that reddit has been sold to a magazine giant, they still get to work on it improving and participating, implementing further improvements. He is also a re-owned public speaker (thanks to his first TedTalk when he was in India), he now earns=$$$ alot for an hour of speaking than most of what he’s earned during his early days in graduation. 
I can’t wait to put it all out, but the essence of a review is to give you a summary and to let you know about the story, conforming its validity. Now that I’ve done it all.. I urge you to read the remaining for yourself. 
Even though on his website the book costs few $$$ (on amazon), I’ve presented you a link to a torrent where you can download his book for free. Mind you its in epub (ebook) format. Check out the link above to download the book and let me know what you think ?
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Interview with @photomatt

Watching Matt Mullenweg, the Founder of Open source Blogging Software WordPress‘ talking at Lean Startup Conference. Personally I haven’t seen any of matt’s Interviews before although I’ve followed his blog & twitter and actively participated in discussions on 

Matt $0k Speaking Fee

Last year I actually brought hosting space from solely to create my personal blog on wordpress. I was so excited to try the new wordpress they’ve released that time. I believe it was version 3.0 or something the features and most of all the SEO capabilities. ,90% of wordpress installations are SEO friendly by default. I did notice the ranking of a wordpress blog to a different blog and wordpress had more affinity towards search engines than any other platforms. 

Over time I left wordpress because it was financially not feasible for me, the hosting charges alone & traffic was enormous in those days. But there’s tons of things I’ve learned by being on wordpress than in any other community. If they had allowed free domain mapping I’d hosted my domain on their servers ( I still look forward to it…

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A staggering 29 aircraft disasters recorded this Year

As reported by many news sources, yet another plane has lost contact during a trip. This comes on the heels of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 which is still missing, and Malaysia Airlines Flight 17, which was shot down.

AirAsia flight carrying Sixteen children and one infant among the 162 passengers is said to had an impact some where in the JAVA sea. Because there has been no sightings of the plane crash or debris the fact is yet unknown.

Take a look at this. At least 17 civilian accidents and incidents, 8 military and 1 space-related (the Virgin VSS test flight). Also 2 hijackings are recorded this year. 

Namely: Civilian

  •  MH17, 298 dead.
  • MH370, 239 dead.
  • Air Algérie Flight 5017, 116 dead.
  • TransAsia Airways Flight 222, 48 dead.
  • Sepahan Airlines Flight 5915, 39 dead.
  • Nepal Airlines Flight 183, 18 dead.
  • 014 Lao People’s Liberation Army Air Force An-74 crash, carrying politicians, 16 dead.
  • 2014 Santos Cessna Citation accident, carrying presidential candidate Eduardo Campos, 7 dead.
  • Bedford, Massachusetts Gulfstream IV crash, carrying Lewis Katz, co-owner of the Philadelphia Inquirer, 7 dead.
  • Gaithersburg,Maryland Phenom 100 crash, 6 dead.
  • Haughey Air AgustaWestland AW139 crash, carrying Edward Haughey, Baron Ballyedmond, 4 dead.
  • 2014 Wichita King Air crash, 4 dead.
  • Moscow’s Vnukovo crash of a Falcon 50, carrying Christophe de Margerie, Total’s CEO at the time.
  • 2014 SOCATA TBM crash, 2 dead.
  • KOMO-TV news helicopter crash, 2 dead.
  • 2014 Romania Britten-Norman Islander crash, 2 dead.
  • 2014 748 Air Services HS 748 crash, 1 dead. 


  • 2014 Algeria Lockheed C-130 Hercules crash, 77 dead.
  • Ukrainian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 shoot-down, 49 dead.
  • Egyptian Army Mi-17 crash in combat zone, 5 dead.
  • Norfolk helicopter crash, 4 dead.
  • 2014 Armenian Mil Mi-24 shootdown, 3 dead.
  • 2014 Olsberg mid-air collision, 2 dead.
  • USAF F-16 crash, 1 dead.
  • Jordan AF F-16 crash, 1 pilot captured by ISIS. 


  • VSS Enterprise crash, 1 dead.
  • Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702, hijacked by the co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera Tegegn seeking asylum in Switzerland. No casualties or injuries.
  • Pegasus Airlines Flight 751 hijacking, from Kharkiv to Istanbul, hijacked by an Ukrainian passenger who demanded a diversion to Sochi. The pilots tricked him and landed in Istanbul where he was arrested. No casualties or injuries. 

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Movie Review: "The Interview"

the best targeted propaganda film ever produced

Hype for ‘The Interview’ is shooting up everywhere and reporters are freaking out and so is the North Korean government. Kim Jong Un himself is ultimately replaceable by the political institution that surrounds him. The real damage that this film could cause would be to the cult of personality that the Kim family has built up; showing that the Kim lineage are not the God Emperors they portray themselves as.

Say what you will about the quality of the movie, and its strange parallels to the Lord of the Rings, it blasts the ‘cult of personality’ around the North Korean leader they have fought to maintain for so long. The movie reminded me of the Vice documentary on the country. There are a lot of seeds of truth worked into the ways Kim Jong Un’s character is handled.

In all the scenarios based on reading of Korean history and of news trends over the years, never did I consider a comedy released by Seth Rogen and James Franco could lead to destabilization of the country in the most ’emperor has no pants’ sense. I could consider this as the best targeted propaganda film ever produced, but I just don’t believe the government could pull off something so polished.

It’s interesting that as a result of where communications technology has brought us, this notion exists that North Korea even finds out about the film and should realistically consider the impact of it getting loose. It may be a case study shaping up in how technology advances can quickly change the realm of what’s possible.

You can also watch the movie online on Youtube,

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Often feel bored ? Try this…

English: A bored person

Often for no good reason, one can be really bored out of one’s wits. Not knowing what to do and how to pass time, or even simply handle boredom. It is not really necessary that boredom should only be countered with work and further boring routines of reading heavy books and novels. Knowing what to do when bored can be the best thing that can happen for you.

Laughing and smiling a little can change things around for you a bit. Watching really funny pictures can really be entertaining and lift your spirits. Not only can watching really funny pics be entertaining but it is also really healthy as it leads to eradicating stress which is known to be a silent killer. A picture speaks a thousand words, so can you just imagine how many words a really funny picture can speak to a person, who is bored, anxious, depressed or simply stressed out by his daily hectic and monotonous routine. Try watching a really funny picture or a really funny image yourself and you will see the lift of mod and the happy feelings that it leaves behind.

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Pirate Bay to be resurrected under the name "Hydra" on New Year Eve

Pirate Bay to be resurrected under the name ‘Hydra’ on New Year Eve

As you probably know the beloved Pirate Bay website is gone for now. It’ll be missed. It’ll be remembered as the pilgrim of freedom and possibilities on the web. It’s a symbol of liberty for a generation of internet users. In its honor we are making the search. We, the team, copied the database of Pirate Bay in order to save it for generations of users. Nothing will be forgotten. Keep on believing, keep on sharing.” – Isohunt

Torrent site isoHunt recently resurrected as a means of providing a torrent search following the raid of The Pirate Bay on December 9th. While users were happy to see this at the time, it still didn’t make up for the fact that The Pirate Bay was shut down and there had been no word on when or if it would return.

Acc to Slyck, “hydra” is a code name for the back end of The Pirate Bay, and that “hydra” plans to go live on January 1, 2015. But this time the structured plan by The Pirate Bay team is to have so many fronts (fake copies) of the Pirate Bay similar to meaning of Hydra (Serpent with many heads), that it would be nearly impossible for the authorities to get to the real Pirate Bay which will be hidden behind the servers and will be where the magnets, databases and users actually are. User access will be though the copies of TPB, to get to the real Pirate Bay.

I’m looking forward to see the site on New Year’s Eve and hopefully download something from the site. 

Update: The site contains links of 2013/early 2014 which I’ve mostly aIl seen or downloaded. Nothing is new for now except for bunch of songs & games.

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Happy Holidays to all of You

This is the time of the year that normally gets me thinking. It is interesting that most seasonally bound religious holidays have a different meaning in the different hemispheres, but there is a similar theme that is celebrated on or around 25th December, no matter where you are in the world. Whether you celebrate the heathen Saturnalia, or the Christian Christmas, or the Hindu Pancha Ganapati, or the Jewish Hanukkah, or the Wicca Yule, the theme is a dawning of a new light and renewal.

In the Northern hemisphere the days become longer and that brings new life and hope for the future. In the Southern hemisphere it is probably a more spiritual new dawning. Either way, the old and discarded makes way for the new, and hope rises in the hearts of all people.

For me, “happy holidays” is not a bland wish. I like the energy that rises during this time of the year, whether it is spiritual or commercial. We all feel different and we are all affected by the rising energy. Our choice is to be affected with joy or with irritation. I choose joy and Love. After all, what you say, becomes. So, when I say “happy holidays”, I truly wish you a series of happy holidays, with the emphasis on happy. My intention is to have a whole long month of happy holidays with lots of Love and sunshine and blessings.

And may this new, strong energy that comes into our awareness bring you the fulfillment of all your dreams – even the wildest ones. Have fun!

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Feeling "Meh" !

Have been emotionally crappy for a couple of days now. Last month of the year with nothing pleasing my Interests. Staying at home is super boring, so doing a lot of Internet. But the overall feeling is “meh”.

I’m trying to talk to my SO, play Far Cry 4 when I’m not talking & then look at pics of cute dogs and cats at nights. Working out should work as well, but it’s hard to get the “yeahhhhh” feeling about working out when you’re feeling “mehhhhhh”.

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CMS Review: Magento, Drupal, Joomla & WordPress !

There are various CMS platforms which are popular and individuals are confused when selecting the right CMS for their needs. Here is my experience with four of the most popular CMS solutions.

WordPress, Joomla, Magento and Drupal are the four most popular content management systems (CMS) you can find online. All four are open source and built on the PHP + MySQL platform. They have different features, capabilities, and customization flexibility. Here is a strong analysis of each of the CMS platforms.


Magento is actually an open-source e-commerce platform, powering business websites, from small, local stores and huge international chains. It is easy to integrate with many third-party sites and shipping services like FedEx & UPS. It is a particularly feature-rich platform and comes with built-in SEO features, delivering online marketing tools that help buyers to rate and review products. It can handle multiple stores and can be easily customized. It offers clear improvements over any of its predecessors and is updated regularly by designers with support from the large Magento web community.


Joomla is an open-source content management software which incepted from Mambo. It boasts over 30m downloads and powers sites as,, and the like. It is relatively easy to use with a polished, flexible and powerful user interface and a strong developer community. The plugin library is large enough and contains several free to use plugins and extensions.

It includes components, plugins, templates, modules and languages through which developers can add several capabilities like dynamic content and search functions to a web page. It was originally designed as an enterprise-grade CMS and hence can handle a huge number of articles than WordPress. It has some learning curve and also lacks SEO capabilities.

Drupal is one of the oldest CMS systems launched in early 2001. Like WordPress and Joomla, Drupal is based on PHP-MySQL and extremely powerful thus being a popular choice for feature rich, websites like National Portal of India.

One of the most important advantages of Drupal is that it is extremely flexible with blogs, backend systems and even enterprise systems. It is powerful and flexible for developers. Drupal is search engine friendly and enterprise-friendly with strong version control features and ability to handle hundreds of thousands of pages of content with ease. It scales effortlessly and is stable serving thousands of users on a simultaneous basis. Drupal does have a steep learning curve, lack of free plugins and themes too.


More than 68 million websites utilize WordPress and is one of the most popular blogging platforms in the world. It hosts multiple authors and includes a huge plugin library. WordPress’ UI is easy to use where any user can drop a theme, add plugins, and start blogging within some minutes. It also boasts of strong SEO capabilities. It is highly flexible and easy to use too. One of its cons is its security since it is often a target of hackers. Also, it doesn’t support old plugins and has limited design options too.