Get Signal, Get Privacy

Think end to end encryption should be on by default? Get Signal

Available for iOS and Android. It’s like iMessage for Android, handles regular sms but sends encrypted messages to friends who also use it. So even if none of your friends have it now you can just use it as your default sms app. There’s a Chrome/Chromium app for desktop. Read about the security here. And it’s Free Software.

It’s made by Open Whisper Systems, who made the Signal protocol and who you can thank for end to end encryption in Facebook, Whatsapp and Google’s Allo.

From the website:

Use anything by Open Whisper Systems.

Edward Snowden, Whistleblower and privacy advocate
Signal is the most scalable encryption tool we have. It is free and peer reviewed. I encourage people to use it everyday.

Laura Poitras, Oscar winning filmmaker and journalist
“I am regularly impressed with the thought and care put into both the security and the usability of this app. It’s my first choice for an encrypted conversation.”

Bruce Schneier, internationally renowned security technologist
After reading the code, I literally discovered a line of drool running down my face. It’s really nice.

Here’s a comparison between Signal, Whatsapp and Allo.

And some security tips for Signal

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