Why do we allow our kids look up to Athletes as Role Models ?

1993, Charles Barkley
I truly do not understand why we as a nation expect our athletes to be role models. 
If I’m a professional Cricket player, my job, and what I get paid for is to win games and play well, not to be your child’s role model. Endorsements are one thing, if Nike is paying you for a shoe deal and they say they will pull their deal if you continue doing blow with strippers on snapchat, then Nike is absolutely within their rights to take away your endorsement. 
But if you dance in the end zone, or walk away during a postgame interview, the rhetoric becomes “he’s ruining the sanctity of the game” or “kids are going to look up to him and think that’s okay”. F**k that. It’s the parent’s job to raise their kids, not athletes.

The same goes for celebrities too. 

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