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Rant about our shitty generation

It has come to my attention that my generation is the most ignorant, irresponsible, and stupid generation to ever plague this world. We are constantly affected by ignorance and discrimination. This is where I come in. My name is Raghu I am a part of this terrible generation. Everywhere I look I see people my age ruining their lives by using cigarettes, drugs (Except weed), and sex. Why do we have this desire to grow up so fast? I know 7th graders who smoke and have already have sex! Like seriously what the f*ck. Girls why do you want to be labeled as a slut or whore.

I don’t see why we are all this stupid. Every time I step outside I see people get 1 step closer to ruining their lives. We discriminate we label people and we treat people poorly because of how they act or how they live. It’s there f****** life not yours. What really angers me is the current issue of gay marriage. People who don’t want gays to get married you really piss me off. Why the hell should you get to be happy and they shouldn’t you ignorant f***.

We all deserve to be happy no matter what and if you don’t believe that well then f*** you.

With Love, Raghu.
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A short poem

I found that writing poems helps a tremendous amount when dealing with sadness.

Come on. Wake up. Wake up. You got time to spare.
Take a deep breath and not really care.
Gather yourself and hope a lot.
Look for that happiness that you once got.
Look in the mirror and try to smile with glee.
Oh, you can’t? Just paint it on for free.

Who cares if you are stuck in a rut.
Fake your smile. No if’s, and’s, or but’s.
If people expect you to be jolly as can be.
Then you know exactly what it’s like to be me.
Dawn your bright colors and head out the door.
Try not to fall flat right on the floor.
If you feel like this is too much to bear. Remember.
There is no help coming from anywhere.

You’re out on your own and alone you shall be.
Hey, it’s not too bad. Just take a look at me Fake smiles and laughs.
Just play it safe. Your sadness won’t leave any visible trace.
Come home and wash off that smile into a frown.
Go take a shower and try not to drown.
Change into pj’s and plop into bed.
Pray that you finally wake up dead.

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8 Golden Rules to live by

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had some sort of instruction manual for life, a guide that tells you how you should live your life? Well, I’ve done my best to come up with something like that so here are..

  • Compassion. Instead of being angry or frustrated, I find the pain in others, and open my heart to them. This includes compassion for myself.

  • Gratitude. Life is filled with wonder, and the people around me as well. I try to open myself to that wonder, and be grateful it’s there, instead of complaining.

  • Joyfear. Joy is an awesome thing to have, but joyfear is present in the powerful moments in life where joy and fear mix, where we’re taking chances and doing something outside of our comfort zone that both excites us and makes us face the possibility of failure. I now embrace these moments rather than avoiding them.

  • Not avoiding discomfort or uncertainty. When we avoid discomfort, we are limited by our comfort zone, and new learning and new ventures become impossible. When we avoid uncertainty, we only stick to what we know. But we can purposely become good at discomfort and uncertainty, by practicing in small bite-sized chunks, over and over.
  • Staying with the moment, even when it’s hard. This is the hardest of all. “Living in the moment” sounds wonderful, but actually staying with the present moment isn’t ever easy. Try it: with your eyes open, sit still and stay with the sights and sounds around you for 1 minute, without your mind wandering away from them. If you don’t notice your mind wandering, either you’re an experienced mindfulness practitioner, or you didn’t notice when your mind wandered.
  • Relationships are everything. Getting what we want, having things our way, having control, being right … these things matter nothing compared to relationships. Imagine being in your death bed at the age of 80 … will your sense of being right and in control comfort you when you have no good relationships, no one who has loved you? Put relationships first.
  • Not holding on to expectations & judgments. Expectations and judgments prevent me from enjoying what I have, from enjoying the simple presence of someone else in my life. I practice with noticing these expectations and judgments, and practice with holding them loosely, letting them go.
  • Letting go. This is the art of living in two words: letting go. It’s letting go of judgments, expectations, wanting to be right, wanting to control, fear of discomfort, fear of uncertainty, fear of failure, fear of boredom, comparing myself to others, wanting distraction, being irritated, complaining. It’s noticing when I’m holding these, and letting go. Loosening my heart’s grip on any of these, and letting go. And then letting go again. And again.
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Ubuntu will lose significant audience with the switch to Gnome

I’ve tried to use gnome multiple times. But every time I had to come back to unity.
  • Vertical space wasted (very important for me)
  • Fragmented menus (really confusing)
  • Broken support for applets (it couldn’t show Dropbox properly without manual tinkering)

So a “state of the art” “modern” DE, welcomes new comers with manual tinkering, plugin hunting for hours, for a somewhat near-what-they-want solution. 

Canonical you need to make up your mind: you want your users to be master Linux users and solve everything by tweaking configs or you want Linux to be accessible to a new user who is still open to trying something new for a change.

Unity was ready out of the box. Gnome is not.

If you support gnome still, don’t whine about people not coming to gnome. It’s their choice to be lazy n dumb.

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Wine 2.6 Released

The Wine development release 2.6 is now available.

What’s new in this release:

  • Multi-threaded command stream in Direct3D.
  • More Shader Model 5 instructions.
  • More support for 3D textures.
  • Better font transformations in DirectWrite.
  • Various bug fixes.

The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.

Interestingly enough Gentoo has actually recently implemented multislotting for Wine meaning that you can have arbitrary many different wine versions installed concurrently.

So basically there is no need any more for PlayOnLinux with its bizarre interface to manage all that and it can just go through the package manager.

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Mac Sales Up in 2017 While PCs Sales decline

In the first three months of 2017, Apple has already shipped approximately 4.2 million Mac devices globally. This is a 4.5% increase in its year-on-year numbers. 

Apple still remains in fifth position in vendor rankings though. Lenovo remains the world’s largest PC distributor controlling nearly 20% of the market, but sales of PCs are on the decline and analysts say that “business users are the key to future PC success.” 
One Gartner analyst said, “Winners in the business segment will ultimately be the survivors in this shrinking market.”
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New And Improved Messaging Coming From LinkedIn

On Thursday, as part of its ongoing desktop redesign efforts, the business and employment-oriented social networking service known as LinkedIn rolled out a feature which would make it easier for members to message each other via a new messaging tab. 

The “smarter” messaging feature will allow members to reach out to any of their connections regardless of whether they’re on the site looking at jobs or updating their profile. 
Launched in 2003, the professional networking site allows employers to post jobs and candidates to upload their resumes, and the company stated that it’s seen a 40 percent rise in messaging over the past year, adding that approximately half its members now use the messaging service.
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The World is Unfair

I know that some people tell you that you can succeed and be happy if you work hard, but this is often not the case. Effort and dedication is often unequal to success and wealth. Just look at the people struggling with poverty in developing countries such as ours. There are also kids born with cancer. These guys can work as hard as they want but they’re still struggle at the end. Of course, you can justify this “unfairness” with religion, but there isn’t anything to “prove” that there is truly a mechanism which keeps things “fair” in the world.

Even among healthy people in developed countries, you see this unfair variation. You are already much better-off than your peers by being born into a rich family with good looks. Some people have both traits, but even having one makes you a catch and adds to your status.

While hard work is rewarded, it’s often only a slight improvement. A lot of things in life ultimately boil down to luck and what you happen to be born with (which is luck as well). For example, you may want to become rich. Sure, you can open a company, but given the intense competition in modern society, it’s unlikely you will become the next billionaire. Of course, you can consider marrying a rich person for wealth, but it’s hard to date out of your league in terms of wealth if you’re not particularly attractive. Whether you are attractive or not is another factor which is not within your control.

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It’s official, Facebook makes us all sad

A new study by the University of California’s Holly Shakya and Nicholas Christakis from Yale has suggested that regular Facebook use actually decreases users’ happiness levels. That’s not just because Facebook sugarcoats the world, only showing the best of peoples’ lives and making your own rough days seem worse. It’s apparently also because no matter how many ‘Likes’ you get, it’s never enough. 

The research, which tracked 5000 US adults for three years between 2013 and 2015, compared users’ Facebook habits against information on their physical and mental health, weight, and general well-being. Worryingly, it found that for every 1% rise in the number of ‘Likes’, link clicks and status updates a user made, their self-reported mental health dropped by 5-8%. 
Looking at how Facebook’s impact compares with real world interactions, the study showed that actually meeting friends had the opposite effect, lifting users’ moods by a similar figure.