Game Reviews are becoming more Objective

I’ve been playing through Watch Dogs recently and have been enjoying it for the most part, glad to see that they fixed some of the more glaring problems. I’m not judging this game directly, but gaming media has a problem that’s becoming more and more apparent the more review threads I check out.
This review score inflation is getting ridiculous. Almost every game that’s getting some amount of traction – be it AAA or indie – gets 9/10’s, 10/10’s, 5/5 Stars. That’s absolutely insane. Compare that to book reviews, music reviews, film reviews, any other form of media and you get a much better understanding of what is great and essential, competent, flawed or horrible. Looking at metacritic, you could get the impression that 90% of the games coming out in the holiday season are experiences that merit incredible praise and will be memorable for years to come, which is simply not true.
It’s incredibly frustrating to know that you pretty much have to wait a few days until the “Now that it has been out for a while, what do you think about XY?” start popping up to get a more objective, detailed and level-headed impression of a game without having played it yourself.

This is why I love ACG’s (angrycentaurgaming) rating of “Buy, Wait for a sale, Rent, or Never touch again. It gives a recommendation instead of a number

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