Why do babies cry soon after birth ?

Babies scream because they remember their past life, the last moments of them alive as a different person, and feel those memories slowly and helplessly begin to slip out of their grasp, as they have a different mother, different father, and forget their past family.

Most importantly, they begin to become a different person altogether with a completely different life. It really makes you wonder.

What if that light at the end of a tunnel really is a new beginning in the same place? What if we are truly prisoners trapped on Earth with no possible escape to somewhere else? What if this is truly why babies cry when they are birthed? Could they really be old souls inside new bodies?

 Nah lads I’m jk the reason babies cry is bc it starts the respiratory system bc babies don’t actually breathe in the womb, the air is provided through the umbilical cord which then gets cut when they don’t need it anymore. Yeah. I know my shit lmao.

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