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Let’s talk about Animal Crossing: New Horizon

I’ve never once played an Animal Crossing game or understood the hype around it but this direct really pulled me in.

Visually, I always thought it appeared childish or for a younger audience but I’ve decided that I’m the one being childish by making assumptions about it when I’ve never actually played it before.

The Animal Crossing games offer players a unique and relaxing escape from the stresses of everyday life, and Animal Crossing: New Horizons builds on that by letting players build their own island utopia from scratch,” said Nick Chavez, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.When Nintendo Switch owners pack their virtual bags and move into their new island home, they will experience more ways to customize their Animal Crossing life than ever before. Just like Nintendo Switch itself, the game lets you play the way you want to play.

It seems like the kind of relaxing game you could put hours into. Before you set off on your own island getaway, check out the full review. 

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"OpenSource has failed"

In a 2016 survey from Blackduck, 96% of software products developed that year used open source software. That number is likely higher now. 

In the software world, particularly software that runs the computing infrastructure of the internet, open source is ubiquitous. One could claim, without any exaggeration, that our current world runs on open source software or that our modern world would not exist in its current form without open source software. 
I don’t know how to calculate the total value of open source software to the world, but I do know that if open source software suddenly went away, the results would be catastrophic, an existential crisis for humanity. 
So when I write that “open source has failed” I’m obviously not writing from a technology perspective, where it was been a clear-cut winner and the foundation of an endless supply of business models, products, and services. 

To say that open source contributed to the overall innovation of the world would be a shameful understatement. Better would be to say that the world’s computing innovations owe their existence to the triumph of open source development. 

If you think this all sounds pretty terrific, read on to find out what I left out.

Amusing: it is, in fact, only due to the sheer, abject stupidity of a not-insignificant number of technology executives and venture capitalists that open source software isn’t even more successful. You’ll still hear VC’s repeat, with utmost sincerity, that releasing open source software cuts a startup’s valuation by 10%. It is only through luck that VCs have not been quicker to catch on to the strong connection between open source development and rapacious capitalism. 

In some technology circles, you will still get a whiff of “open source is communist”, which incites a bemused reaction from me. These are usually the same people who swear that nobody in their company uses open source, when in fact, all of their teams require it.

When considering the role of open source in redistributing wealth upwards, it’s instructive to consider the example of Microsoft. Not because I enjoy picking on them or think they’re evil — I don’t; Microsoft as a publicly traded company is no more or less evil than any other company. Rather, I like to single them out because their public stance towards open source has changed much over the years and is a useful measuring stick for the points I’m trying to make. Did you ever wonder *why* their public stance towards open source shifted so much over the years, from “Linux is a cancer” to “use our open source software”? Could it be because, unlike the company’s predecessors in 2000, current executives now understand that open source software forms the building blocks of modern capitalist behemoths?

The software you use is shared, but the applications and services you built don’t have to be, especially if you’re conveying the software over a website. Even that most notorious of “Communist” licenses often cited by paranoid executives as examples of anti-commercial aspects of open source, the GNU GPL version 2 or 3, is useless when it comes to prying open web applications written by Facebook, Google and Microsoft. And let’s not forget how some of these very same vendors infiltrated the process of creating the GPL version 3, undermining the community and cutting off efforts to close the “web app loophole”. How they did that was an under-reported story from 2006–2007.

So what, you may ask? In each case, they have created businesses that make vast sums of money, there are tightly constrained groups of employees who benefit, and they tend not to pay others for software. The money comes in, but it never leaves the Hotel California of cloud computing. This means that the highly paid professionals of these companies, and their management, receive the lions’ share of money, forming a part of the 10% of earners leaving everyone beyond. Before open source proliferation, when companies usually had to pay something for every line of software, that income was at least distributed through many parts of the economy, resulting in less concentration of wealth.

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Doctors, Beaten and Harassed, Plan Silent Protest Across India

Doctors withdrew their plan to light candles in homes and hospitals across India, after Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government promised to ensure their safety against rising violence over fears medical staff are spreading the deadly coronavirus.

The Indian Medical Association had planned the silent protest for 9 p.m. on Wednesday, a stark parallel to Modi’s own exercise a few days earlier, when he urged Indians to light lamps to honor and support doctors.

Home Minister Amit Shah, Modi’s confidante, appealed to the IMA not to hold even a symbolic protest and assured them of safety and support. “He has assured that government of India will take all necessary steps and come out shortly with relevant legislations to address the safety and dignity of doctors and healthcare givers,” the IMA said in a statement Wednesday.

Indian doctors over recent weeks have endured campaigns from their neighbors to force them out of apartment buildings, been attacked by a mob while tracing contacts of a coronavirus case through the slums, and have also been stopped by police and beaten with batons on the way back home from an emergency shift.

“IMA has maintained utmost restraint and patience inspite of extreme provocation,” the IMA had previously said, while calling for the protest.

Source: Yahoo News
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Sacrifice by health workers amid COVID-19 Pandemic

One of the most alarming aspects of this Covid-19 pandemic has been how it has stretched, crippled and overwhelmed the health services of even the most developed nations. We’re not talking about poor “third world” nations that barely have a health service (to the extent they do its only available to the rich). We’re talking about modern, wealthy, developed nations mainly in the West, with modern health services, regarded as among the best in the world, with advanced medical technology & resources. With capacities to at least deal with a crisis and even they have been devastated by Covid-19.

You read stories of hospitals overflowing with patients, running out of masks and ventilators, many don’t have appropriate protective gear so they have to make do. Morgues too overflowing. Surgeries cancelled to make room for Covid patients. Many doctors and nurses saying they have never experienced anything like this before. Some are resorting to desperate measures such as throwing medicine students straight in to plug the gaps. Unprecedented.

Some of this is partially because of years of austerity that have cut the health services to their bare essentials leaving no spare capacity or enough resources for them to better deal with potential shocks like Covid-19. But I don’t think anyone could’ve predicted just how much of a shock this global pandemic would be, or that it would bring the health & medical services of the West to its knees.

Then you have the fact that more and more doctors nurses and medics are getting infected, which underlines just how contagious this virus is. In Spain & Italy thousands of nurses have tested positive for the virus. I think 63 doctors in Italy have died because of the virus. 1 in 4 doctors in the UK it has been reported are self isolating because they are sick or have suspected symptoms.It’s a vicious cycle. The more overwhelmed health services get, the more likely doctors, nurses & professionals are to get infected. The more that are infected, the less there are to deal with increasing patients, which means they get even more overwhelmed.

Everything is so soul destroying to see. 

I feel so sorry for these health professionals who are literally guarding us while we sleep. Not only for their physical health, but for their emotional & mental well being. They are brave and have done more work in a day than I’ve done in my entire life. Hopefully they, and us all, can get through this.
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I’m thriving in terms of Productivity during Quarantine

Being stuck in the house has given me time to work on an online course I’ve been putting off, read books/watch shows I’ve always wanted to read/watch, take up new hobbies, and generally improved my mood. In a way, this whole pandemic has sort of taught me that I “thrive” in isolation in terms of my productivity and happiness.

Only problem is, being isolated has always been the biggest problem in my life. Before this mess started, I requested work from home for office because I didn’t really have close friends, wasn’t involved with anything, and had lost my enthusiasm for basically everything. I had a tendency to isolate myself and try and do everything on my own, which I usually viewed as a sort of positive character trait. But being in a new and more difficult environment, my individualism kinda screwed me over and made me miserable.

When Covid-19 hit, all my friends came back as well and I figured I could work on opening up more by reaching out to them. However, sometimes I feel like I don’t even want to reach out to them. I don’t really have much to share with them, so I find it difficult to carry legitimate conversations most of the time. In fact, I usually just prefer to go back to whatever I was working on. This bothers me just because I feeling like I’m just reverting back to the same behaviors that made me unhappy, and that when I go back I’m going to be unhappy again.

If anything, this Work from home situation and pandemic has taught me that I’m naturally introverted person who hates being introverted. I prefer to be alone but hate feeling lonely, and I know I can do a better job reaching out to others but find it difficult nonetheless. This makes all the stuff I’ve done during my leave seem pointless since I know I haven’t truly changed, and I’m worried that I’ll be stuck feeling the way I always have once things return to normal.

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Islamic charities linked to terror groups in Pak funded by US govt

New Delhi/Washington, April 15 The US government agencies have been funding the Islamic charities linked to terror groups based in Pakistan and the Middle East through InterAction, America”s largest alliance of international non-profit organizations.

Interestingly, contradicting its stated objective, the TP picked the most controversial Islamic charities – Helping Hand for Relief & Development, Islamic Relief USA, Zakat Foundation, American Relief Agency for the Horn of Africa and United Muslim Relief – all linked to radical groups in the Middle East and Pakistan.

Incidentally, Financial Action Task Force, the global watchdog on terror funding, has put Pakistan on its ”grey list” for its failure to curb terror financing.

The platform has endorsed letters to the US House and the Senate pushing for terror finance reform, met lawmakers from key committees, opposed legislation targeting terror financing in Pakistan and tried to enter special training in the bank examination manual that would downplay the risks associated with money laundering and terror financing, sources said.

“But as long as InterAction and the Together Project continue to protect Islamist charities linked to terror groups, all the measures taken at FATF remain futile,” an investigator in DC said.

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G7 backing for WHO leaves Trump isolated at Virtual Summit

Donald Trump found himself isolated among western leaders at a virtual G7 summit, as they expressed strong support for the World Health Organization after the US’s suspension of its funding.

Health officials around the world have condemned the US president’s decision to stop his country’s funding for the UN agency, amid a crisis that has left more than 2 million people infected and almost 140,000 dead. On Thursday, G7 leaders voiced their backing for the WHO and urged international co-operation.

The White House insisted there was support for US criticism of the WHO in the G7 call, saying “Much of the conversation centred on the lack of transparency and chronic mismanagement of the pandemic by the WHO. The leaders called for a thorough review and reform process.”

With the US acting as the current chair of the G7, and facing criticism of America’s global leadership, Trump had convened the special meeting of the G7 leaders, a grouping of mainly western leading economies that, unlike the larger G20, excludes both Russia and China.

In a statement after the summit, the EU council president, Charles Michel, called on world leaders to contribute to an international online pledging conference on 4 May to “Enhance general preparedness and ensure adequate funding to develop and deploy a vaccine against coronavirus”.

Trump has already had one falling-out with the other six G7 leaders when they refused to accept a previous US-drafted communique for a meeting on 16 March.

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Be Responsible not Selfish

I’ve gotten this reply a few times and it flabbergasts me everytime. Right now, I’m in my mid 20s working since last 4 years and building a foundation for my life. So by my logic, waiting until I’m 30-32 will not only give me more time to build myself, but it gives me time to build wisdom and patience for when I do have kids. But for some reason, this is dubbed selfish for the following reasons: Medical complications, Kids taking care of their old parents, To old to enjoy their time, Monetary burden on my children and a lot more other bs points they make. Here’s the thing I don’t understand. Folks will give you shit if you have kids too soon or too young, but then turn around and say “Its selfish to wait that long. Don’t procreate because (insert cliche bs insult here)” 
Like, as a parent, you do everything you can to make sure you can care and bond with your children. They just assume that I’m not going to keep myself on track to stay healthy and active (when really, staying in one spot and doing minimal movement is the bane of my existence). If you’re not ready to have kids (mentally, financially, and situationally), don’t have them.

 I’ll take my chances. If you’re not feeding or financing me, your opinion on when I have kids is unnecessary and you can go the fuck away.

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Darwin’s Game Review

Darwin’s Game: Image Credit: Siml
Kaname Sudou is your average high-school student, toiling away in life with his best buds. One day, however, he receives a mysterious invitation to use an app on his smart phone, and, upon accepting, finds himself thrust into an augmented reality where superpowers exist, riches implode, and death glooms overhead. Coined Darwin’s Game, this survival-of-the-fittest situation demands everything – but supplies almost nothing in return.

The first episode is a double-feature, but it only serves to stab home the point that this anime has a difficult time outrunning its tired premises and eye-rolling events. Motivations are bland. Outcomes have little consequential value. Themes take a backseat to uninteresting dialogue. Alongside the lackluster duels and the inevitable overseers, the storytelling has thus far been a keen recipe for trite dealings.

A lack of meta details and necessary explanations seek to create an air of mystery to the whole debacle, yet this direction exacerbates the show’s problems. I.e., this no knowledge is no good, for the implausibility and the irrationality of the decisions and the confrontations equates to suspended disbelief that drags down the evolution of its natural selection.

Excited ? You can Watch Darwin’s Game here for free. 

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China has not contained COVID-19 but supressed the rising Cases

The censorship capital of the world reports that no new people are infected, and you believe them?

The land of patient-zero has stopped COVID-19’s spread among the billion in their population – yet the rest of the world are growing in numbers exponentially.. does this shit genuinely make sense to you? If you find their claim plausible, not only should you get swabbed for COVID-19, you should push the doctors to also give you a brain scan to check for damage and grab a gullible-fuck test while you’re at it. 

China plan to resume business as usual, unsurprisingly putting profit before their disposable work-force’s health.

This isn’t just a problem for them, this will have ramifications that will quite literally spread throughout the world. They created the ideal circumstances for this virus to start, now their backwards regime is creating a viable way for it to further spread. You should know that China has a population problem, specifically the growing number of ‘non-contributing elderly’, they’ve tried to combat the problem with 1 child per couple laws – call me a conspiracy theorist but the Chinese government aren’t exactly ones to put human rights before their own agenda, or are you forgetting the fad about Hong Kong protest posts? You may have grown bored of that story, but the Hong Kongers are still fighting and losing their freedoms. 

They will lie, kill and imprison to remain powerful. There is no better time to become independent from Chinese production than after this pandemic is dealt with, where the financial world will already be in bad shape. We are feeding the monster with money, the beast will grow to an unstoppable size. We won’t change, the money and cheap products are too good – but it’s nice to acknowledge the demise of western philosophy and freedoms while it’s happening.