Why is Academia so broken these days ??

A move towards conciliation in academia - Academic MattersIf you are paying attention to the things around you, then you will understand that some of the smartest people are the ones that are most badly exploited.

We hear about old tenured professors limit the number of faculty many departments can have, forcing people to work as postdocs forever, effectively doing all the work the prof should be doing in the first place. Meagre pay and long hours, plus constant pressure makes postdocs some of the most depressed people around the world. Ain’t that right ?

The grad students are no better either. A lot of the times grad students don’t complain about ill treatment, harassment and outright bullying as they don’t want to jeopardize their prospects of graduating.

If you’re a foreigner, this situation becomes even worse, whether you’ve a grad student or a postdoctoral researcher.

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