India lost 30% GDP to 40 days Lockdown

If you believe methods like keeping on-demand long distance travel completely shut down, moralistic restrictions on alcohol sales and district sized red and green zones are the correct approach to deal with the crisis, you are wrong.

The decision to reopen the economy and public transportation is correct. More things need to reopen, and without absurd red-green distinctions. Travel needs to resume without the need for passes or justification to a government authority. Factories need to restart without the fear that tomorrow some cases will be detected a hundred kilometres away and you’ll be shut down.

It’s amazing how much the absurdity of the first 40 days of lockdown have made any relaxation seem like the end of the world. What the government did on the first 40 days is wrong, and should not have happened in the first place.

For anyone saying extend the lockdown

When do you exit?

There’s not gonna be a vaccine till at least November.

There’s not gonna be a cure.

Case counts won’t peak till at least August in India, as per the government’s own predictions. And that’s with the complete lockdown from the first 40 days.

If we lock the country down till November, expect a 30% contraction in the GDP. Do you guys know what that will be like? It’ll be catastrophic. Far worse than every famine the British Empire put is through combined. Far worse than the Great Depression was for US.

For anyone saying extend the lockdown and increase restrictions, what is the end goal here?

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