Affect of COVID on Anime Creators

How actors, director, singers are coping with coronavirus lockdown ...Everyone who works to create anime has insane working hours and are constantly pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion. There is even a term for working yourself to death in Japanese, ‘Karoshi.’ The typical animator makes about ¥200 a frame. So to try to make as much income as they can, they try to draw as much as they can to survive. There are even fundraising campaigns to assist animators with their living costs so they can continue creating anime and provide affordable housing (source).

Maybe I am so jaded by the news lately that I am looking for some positive, any positive. But I hope that the animators who are exhausted are able to get a much needed break. That they are able to meet up with their senpais in their work environment virtually and are able to learn different methods and valuable tips that would help them earn better wages afterwards; tips that are extremely hard to get directly during production times. That they are able to come back rested, renewed, and happier.

I understand that there will be much sadness and grief however. But I also understand that for some, expressing that through work helps immensely and is an outlet for emotional release and therapy. It is honestly a double edged sword. Trying to find hope when you know there is grief is hard. But I hope that we can encourage them when they come back and are ready.

I want the best for the animators and everyone to remain healthy and safe. But I guess I also want to try to look at the positives of the situation as well.

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