Why I blog?

Blogging for me has been addiction since 2010 when I first learned about WordPress blogs. How people could post entries online and others would read and leave comments making it an easy sharing platform. It was that idea of expressing norm that I loved and liked .. and consistently thrived to achieve.

It was then when I thought of having my own personal blog so that my friends and family would keep in contact, share and have a meaningful conversations on my Interests and stuff that I’ve learned. I was on wordpress (self-hosted) for a year, but it wasn’t sufficient for what I had in mind, considering the hefty charges and all. In all honesty WordPress is ‘THE ONLY’ platform for me, even now its quite popular. But considering I’m student and would not be able to maintain and pay for the hosting charges I left, I couldn’t ask my parents because I wanted to do this on my own.

During my high school I got into Web Designing, although I haven’t had any formal training, it was self-study mostly. Then I moved to Blogger, the idea of custom templates without any hosting charges wooed me .. to choose it. Got my own Domain name and started what I liked most ‘blogging’.

Blogging for me is not just posting thoughts but also sharing information that I’ve learned from my everyday experiences plus it helps me articulate and improve my vocabulary.

So everyday no matter how busy I maybe, I make time to sit down and write posts for my blog. So feel free to debate with me or send me an emailregarding any topics that you may like.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.. Feel free to browse.

Update: 2014

I’ve returned back to WordPress (self-hosted) platform, everything seems great now. I’m so glad to have returned to WordPress. Nowadays I do what I do.. to keep this blog running.

Update: 2015

Returned back to Blogger.

Update: 2020

I doubt I will ever stick to a particular platform. So far i have seen so many transitions. Any platform that appeals to me both financially and in terms of low maintenance, i make the switch. So Now I’m back to WordPress.

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